Video Production for Conferences and Conventions

Conferences are a great opportunity to create video content. Film Your Event have create countless highlights videos of different conferences and conventions across Ireland. Beyond highlights videos, conferences are a great way of creating short video content (Voxpops with attendees) and long video content (recording speeches). There are numerous benefits of video production for conferences.

Video is the legacy of your conference!

Are you hosting an annual conference, a convention or a seminar? Are you bringing together attendees from all across the world? Are your working hard on executing an amazing conference? After all the effort, one product will form the legacy of the conference and will show people how successful and how fantastic it was. That product is video. Professionally executed video production is so vital!

Film, Edit and Share Your Conference With A Wider Audience

Online video distribution is so important. At the conference, you will have thousands attendees, but beyond the conference you will have thousands more interested in attending. Those people are a community that you need to tap into! Video production from the conference is a great way of doing that. Brilliantly produced conference video content can create a huge impact beyond the event itself and for future events!

One of our major clients is format distribution company Atlantic Formats.

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Case Study: Roffey Park