Case Study: First Fortnight

Virtual events are a fantastic way of replicating your real world event online using live streaming and digital connectivity. All aspects of a real world event can be replicated using pre-recorded and live presentations, video chat panel discussions, breakout rooms and numerous digital solutions which will……. [Read More]

Case Study: Roffey Park

Your conference needs amazing videography! With so many people coming and interacting with your brand, there is so much opportunity to create content for your social media channels and beyond. But do you maximise the potential? [Read More]

Case Study: Languages Connect

Creating a short highlights video is a fantastic way of distilling an event info a 2-3 minute form. The video instantly forms a record of how fantastic event and can be shared with event partners and attendees so as to….[Read More]


Package 1: Live-Streamed Event

Package 2: Basic Event

Package 3: Quick Turnaround

Package 4: Multi-Camera


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Film Your Event is a quick and cost-effective way to organise videography services for your virtual and real-world event. We offer four packages and have a team of leading streaming technicians and videographers ready to capture your event.

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