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Case Study: First Fortnight

We were tasked with bringing the First Fortnight: Arts and culture festival into the digital space. This hugely popular event traditionally played out in theatres, music venues and other public spaces throughout the country but in 2021 it moved online to a totally digital event.
We carried out and managed over 20 events in a number of different formats in order to maintain the beating heart of what is a well established and loved event. These events took the shape of pre-recorded performances, live performances, panel discussions, and remotely MC’d performance events. We worked closely with the event organisers from start to finished and found solutions to all of the challenges which arose in order to help create an event in a digital space which was very accessible and well received by audiences both in Ireland and further afield.
We utilised the Crowdcast streaming plaform which was faultless in supporting each of the events and providing a space for audiences to register for events, watch them and also engage using the live chat platform.
All in all the 2021 version of the First Fortnight festival was a huge success and was a project that we very proud to have been involved in.
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