promo video for virtual event

A promo video is your opportunity to show that your event will not be a passive, sit-in-front-of-the-screen ordeal that needs a strong shot of coffee to get through. Online events can be entertaining and successful. If you’re looking for inspiration, we explored five incredible virtual events, why they stood out from the crowd and how your event can use these techniques.

Now though, here are six ways to make your promo video epic and showcase why your audience needs to grab a ticket to your next online event.

6 Steps to Creating Your Next Promo Events Video

1. Hit them with your best shots

This isn’t the time to hold back on those stunning shots from previous events. Or if this is a new event, taking a glance at step four to get an idea of how to choose a video style that compliments your event. Emphasise all of the unique elements of your event that will make potential attendees race to the registration page and purchase their ticket!

2. Choose a theme and a tone

These are wildly different aspects of branding. A theme is an overarching idea woven into the trailer, whereas the tone embodies the mood and the emotions you wish to evoke in the viewer. Ask yourself; how do I want the viewer to feel after watching this trailer?

Once you have the two of these in concrete and laid out on paper, there’s a much better chance that the end result will gain traction.

3. It’s gotta be shareable

Shareable content is golden. In terms of event marketing, it’s akin to winning the lottery, except that it doesn’t come down to chance. High-quality, fresh content that stands out online does not have to be a pipe dream. On top of that, lighting, sound and post-editing transform raw footage to stop the scroll and make people want to share this trailer around. Whether your event is geared towards entrepreneurs or festival-goers – getting them to share it with their colleagues or friends helps build reach and encourages the social media algorithms to push your content out further.

4. Choose a video style

Here are some popular and effective styles for a promo video. You can also use a blend of these to create depth within the video:

  • Animation – from 2D, 3D, motion graphics, whiteboard and typography animation – an animated promo event is often excellent for creating a solid tone and speedily relaying information. Learn more about the different animation styles in the 5 Best Types of Animation for Marketing Your Business.
  • Schedule a shoot day – create a promo trailer by creating a script, hiring actors/ speaking yourself and recording. Shooting content with real people can make the event feel tangible – and you can also use the set while you’re at it to create content that you can use for future marketing campaigns.
  • B-roll – use previous footage and place it into post-production to be edited and restyled into an impressive video to convert your audience.
  • Mixed screencast – use a screencast to capture the attendees’ event experience and combine it with motion graphics. The viewer can envision themselves already signing up for the event. They also can anticipate exactly what they will be getting out of the event. The motion graphics add a professional and engaging dimension to the video.

5. Video length

It depends, but here’s an insight into what’s most likely to suit the various platforms.

For video advertising, it’s best to keep the length somewhere between 15-60 seconds. This is especially true for Instagram promotions.

Embedding on a landing page, you will do better to have the video slightly longer; 2-5 minutes gives people more insight into the event and help to boost conversions.

Finally, play around with different layouts across social media. Post short snippets to your stories to tease viewers. Keep tabs on analytics to see what formats are doing better.

6. Call to action (CTA)

Here is the final hurdle. All the organising and creating comes to this last point – how do you get people to click on the ‘Sign-up’ button?

A strong CTA focuses on the primary reason for your target viewer wanting to attend. Is it to be entertained? To acquire knowledge? To unwind?

Whatever it is, having a CTA that calls to that calling and providing a simple solution is the key to attaining registrants.


If it’s time for your next virtual event to catch people’s attention, we at Film Your Event can help. We can also provide expert help with running the tech side of your virtual event smoothly. Here’s how you can get in touch, and you can check out our production package options here.

We look forward to being a part of your next virtual event!