corporate event videography

Have you plans of filling out a venue now that restrictions are truly easing. Getting organised now will mean that you’re ahead of your competitors. Events are sorely missed and creating a social gathering for all-important mixing, networking and creating business connections will only strengthen your brand’s image. Here are the top reasons to film your next corporate event.

High-quality event videography= gold for future marketing materials

It’s hard to convince people with a couple of images. People need an incentive, a promise of value when they book into a corporate event. A lot of businesses holding events underestimate how much people value their time— and understandably so! Having engaging content that showcases the highlights of your event will give future attendees the insight that your brand’s events are worth the time and money.

Roll on the ROI

Event costs can rack up quickly and is a clever event planning to cross out superfluous expenses that don’t enhance the experience. If you want to nix filming the event, you’ll miss creating serious hype. Attendees get a thrill when sharing the event on their social media.

Nearly 90% of video marketers find video provides a positive ROI. About 87% of marketing professionals said video increased their website traffic. 83% of marketers have stated that video boosts their lead generation efforts. 4 out of 5 video marketers said they saw a video ROI specifically in their sales numbers.

Tell a story

Here’s where things get interesting. Events exist to bolster a brand, build recognition and brand loyalty. Video content can be used to offer a real glimpse into your business, its culture and people. Customers enjoy seeing behind the curtain. It offers your audience a deeper understanding of the work and values involved in your company. This creates a down to earth and human connection.

Corporate filming doesn’t have to be dry. If you’re trying to gain traction online, lean into storytelling is your best bet. And video has so much scope for expression. As you know, it’s an incredibly versatile and creative medium, so rather than copying your competitors with a shallow, semi-inspirational capture of an event— go all out. What do you wish to impart to the viewers, what story needs telling? A creative video production team can help here to design your scroll-stopping event video.

Aim for Must-Shares

Event marketing mightn’t be rocket science but it can sometimes feel that way. High-quality, fresh content that stands out online does not have to be a pipe dream. We’ve discussed this more in depth in How to Create an Epic Promo Video for Your next Virtual Event and it’s the same for in-person events. Whether your event is geared towards entrepreneurs or festival-goers – getting them to share it with their colleagues or friends helps build reach and encourages the social media algorithms to push your content out further. The bonus of going with experienced professionals means your content is geared heavily towards being shared on social.

Top tips for corporate event videography

Hire the right professionals

As we mentioned in the last point, creativity is paramount when hiring an event video production team. Hiring a team in the first place means that you’ll have professional footage —edited on time— and is one less thing to worry about on the day of the event. A great team will have that creative eye that captures the event’s unique buzz. Pros will provide you with polished videos that will cause those who didn’t attend to feel they’ve missed out on the magic.

Start earlier than you think

Quality event videographers book out quickly— especially as in-person events are back in business. Book yours sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment. It’s also peace of mind and another task ticked off the list when organising an event.

At Film Your Event, we are fully equipped with expertise and a talented crew to provide all the video work that you need for your event to be the best that it can be. You can check out our production packages here and how working with us maximises your event’s potential.