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Organising an event is stressful. There are no two ways about it. What with all of the marketing, securing the venue, and carrying out the dozens of tasks needed to make the day memorable, here is the biggest fear—

No one showing up.

Creating an event promo video can help alleviate those fears by making sure that people actually do show up.

In this article, we’ll be giving you our insider advice on how to create a promo video that will have those tickets being snatched up.

Creating a video campaign can help capture the excitement in ways a photo and caption can only dream of achieving. Achieve sign-ups for your event by garnering a real sense of excitement. Your target audience needs to see that this event is not one for them to miss.

Highly engaging video content that tells the story of your event is the best chance of creating hype around your event.

69% of marketers are planning to invest in video and 61% are aiming to invest in events— digital, in-person and hybrid. This makes video and events the top two content marketing-related investments areas in 2022.

Just a note to say that if your event is a virtual one, have a read of—

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Now, let’s get onto our top tips.

6 steps to creating your next event promo video

1. Budget

First things first, is to set a budget aside to create your event’s promo video. As tempting as it is to do in-person, promo trailers for your event will have far more impact with high-quality footage, sound, lighting and editing.

2. Reuse content

If this isn’t your event’s first rodeo— great! Use footage from the previous events to showcase the buzz of being there. Likewise, having a videographer at your upcoming event will mean that you can use that footage in the future. Evergreen content is a valuable marketing tool.

3. Get creative

Try not to replicate the industry standard. With a promo video, your brand is looking to stand out. Whether that’s by using humour, a captivating voice-over, excellent editing or any other means, it’s time to get creative.

4. Shareability is everything

Shareable content is golden. In terms of event marketing, it’s akin to winning the lottery, except that it doesn’t come down to chance. High-quality, fresh content that stands out online does not have to be a pipe dream. On top of that, lighting, sound and post-editing transform raw footage to stop the scroll and make people want to share this trailer around. Whether your event is geared towards entrepreneurs or festival-goers – getting them to share it with their colleagues or friends helps build reach and encourages the social media algorithms to push your content out further.


FOMO is all about inciting an emotional reaction in viewers. It’s not what you want them to see, it’s how you want to make them feel. By watching your promo video, your target audience should feel a sense that they’ll regret not going to this event.

And that’s where an in-depth knowledge of your target audience will come in useful. You need to know what excites them, what social platforms they’re on and how to best capture their attention.

6. CTA

You’ve worked hard to keep the viewer’s attention to the very end of the video — be sure not to let it fizzle out. Create a call to action (CTA) that encourages them to book their seat.

To create a strong CTA you need two things:
1. Strong command verb— rather than suggesting they perhaps might be interested in maybe booking in, don’t be afraid of being direct. Have confidence in your event and what you’re offering. Your target audience will want to be there.

2. Give them a reason to book in— in a handful of words, explain the core of what your ideal attendant will get out of the event.

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